What can I tell you? I imagine you'd like to know something. The art school I attended, the galleries where I've exhibited, the celebrated people who've made flattering comments about my work, perhaps? Then I can only disappoint you since I can lay claim to none of the above, arriving in my present life (there have been others) by way of a far more meandering and disorderly path that began and continuously circles back to a terraced house, long gone now, in a small town in the English county of Kent

So what am I doing here? all I can say is that the work on display in this gallery space was started in the spring of 2007, a few years after the gradual decline and quiet fall of a previous life that had fallen prey to the inertial weight of the past. A few years languishing in no-woman's land followed, at which point there seemed no other place to go than a converted corner of a semi-derelict barn I call my studio, or playroom, or occupational therapy unit, depending on how I'm feeling that day. I make no claim to producing Art, only to using my imagination and my hands in the attempt to realise the things I have no words for, and throw into relief for a moment what has remained in the shadows

Influences? My profoundest encounters have been with music and literature. Perhaps I can tell you something about that? The books I've loved and learned from, and the music that's taken hold of me and spoken to me and connected me with worlds beyond here, an inevitably lonely place


Lorraine Morley has a first-class honours degree in the Humanities, an M.A. in Postmodernism, and an un-finished PhD which I am currently making into a sculptural piece entitled ‘She-Shells’. Most of my work is made from re-cycled materials and is bio-degradable